Priory in the Media
Inaugural Pittsburgh Donnybrook a Knockout Success
March 17, 2014
Media Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A blow by blow account of the "Pittsburgh Donnybrook" event hosted by the Grand Hall at the Priory Hotel, featuring 11 bouts between Irish and Pittsburgh area fighters.  It was the Priory's first time hosting a boxing event, with some 700 guests in attendance.  

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The Irish Are Ready to Rumble in the 'Burgh
February 05, 2014
Media Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Columnist Brian O'Neill tells the story of how the Pittsburgh Donnybrook, a boxing event at Pittsburgh's Grand Hall (March 17, 2014 - St. Patrick's Day!) featuring 11 fighters from Ireland squaring off agains 11 Pittsburgh fighters, was cobbled together by a crew of Irish American Pittsburghers.  

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Hotels Valentine's Day Packages are Putting Love on the Menu
February 04, 2014
Media Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Priory Hotel owner John Graf is quoted extensively in this article about hotel demand for Valentine's Day and packages that are available for couples looking to get away from it all.  "It gives a couple a chance to just focus on themselves and enjoy each other's company," Graf said.  "It's not what our guests have seen or have done that's important, it's that they had a chance to do it together."  

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Obituary: Mary Ann Graf - Her Vision Created the Priory on the North Side
January 09, 2014
Media Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

A well written and expansive discussion of the life of Priory Hotel founder Mary Ann Graf, who passed away on January 8, 2014 at the age of 75.  Her legacy continues at the Priory Hotel, Grand Hall and Priory Fine Pastries through the work of her son John and his wife Suzanne.  

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Best Hotels for Business Trips to Pittsburgh
January 04, 2014
Media Source: KDKA TV

The Priory Hotel was listed among the top four hotels for business travelers in Pittsburgh by the local CBS television affiliate.  

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Restaurants Adjust to IRS Plan to Enforce Taxes on Automatic Tips
December 14, 2013
Media Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Priory Hotel owner John Graf is quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review regarding the IRS's decision to begin, on January 1, 2014, to count mandatory tips and service charges as "income" to the business and normal wages to servers.  

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Giant Food Distributors Merge
December 10, 2013
Media Source: Wall Street Journal

Priory Hospitality Group owner John Graf is quoted in the Wall Street Journal regarding the proposed Sysco Foods _ U.S. Foodservice merger.  

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Lawmakers Think Drink Tax Could Save Struggling Cities
October 28, 2013
Media Source: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Priory Hotel owner John Graf was quoted in this article regarding a potential plan by the Pennsylvania state legislatiure to permit certain distressed municipalities to impose a 10% tax on alcoholic beverages sold at bars and restaurants in those municipalities.  Graf pointed out how such a tax would be counterproductive, putting additional pressures on small businesses in areas that are already struggling.  

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