Priory Hotel, While Closed Temporarily, Remains Open for Group Stays and Events
Thursday, July 30, 2020

Although we are closed temporarily through November 15, the Priory Hotel remains open for group overnight stays and for events in our Courtyard and in our inside meeting places.  Reach out to us ...

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Priory Hotel to remain closed through Sept 15
Saturday, July 25, 2020

Overnight stays at the Priory Hotel will be paused until mid-September. We WILL, however, remain open for all group bookings. All public and private events in our Grand Hall and hotel ...

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Covid-19 Catered Event Polices & Procedures

Dated June 9, 2020. Please note that all policies and procedures on this page are subject to change due to guidance from governmental authorities or new information.

We at the Priory Hospitality Group are committed to maximizing the health and safety of our guests and team members at our Priory Hotel and Mansions on Fifth Hotel.  We follow or exceed CDC and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania guides with respect to minimizing the chances for transmission of the coronavirus at any of our facilities, and we are also proud to adhere to the American Hotel and Lodging Association’s “Stay Safe” program and to the Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association’s
“Pennsylvania Restaurant and Hotel Promise”plans.     

Rest assured, we will do everything within our power to make sure that each guest’s stay, in addition to being tranquil, comfortable and memorable, is a safe one. 

Pre-Opening Deep Cleaning

All Priory Hospitality Group (PHG) properties will be extensively deep cleaned and disinfected before re-opening to the public.  The cleaning processes include steam cleaning all carpets and other textiles (drapes, etc.), as well as using a spray ionization process. All surfaces will be thoroughly wiped down with Centers for Disease Control (CDC) rated disinfecting products. 

Check-In Procedures, Signage and Personal Protection Equipment

  • There will be signage requesting that hotel guests, wear facemasks while in hotel common areas or event spaces, or in retail spaces.  Signage will also advise guests to appropriately social distance, maintaining six (6) feet between them any another person.  PHG will provide masks to guests or customers who do not possess them.

  • All team members are required to wear face masks and gloves while on duty, with gloves being disposed of frequently into special PPE receptacles.

  • There will be Plexiglas barriers at the front desk. 
  • Pens for check in will be disinfected prior to each use.  
  • Housekeeping Preference Sheet: At check in, our Front Desk will provide each guest with a Housekeeping Preference Sheet.  The sheet will include guest preferences for level of housekeeping – e.g., no stay over service, towels only, towels and amenities, no entry into guest room, etc.So if you are not comfortable with a housekeeper entering your room during a multiple night’s stay, we will certainly accommodate those preferences. 
  • Team members will observe social distancing measures throughout your stay.  Thus, if you request an item from the front desk, the item will be left on a tray in front of your guestroom door.  Or, if a team member is assisting with luggage, he or she will permit the guests to proceed to the guestroom first, and follow with luggage separately.


  • Housekeeping and quality control room checking will be performed by team members wearing appropriate PPE.  Once a guestroom has been cleaned and checked, the guestroom will be sealed with a tab indicating that no person has entered the guestroom after housekeeping and quality control. 
  • Items which might typically remain in the guestroom from stay to stay such as guest guides, magazines, and bathrobes, will be removed but will be available, cleaned and disinfected, at the Front Desk.

Continuous Cleaning

  • Team members will be assigned to continuously clean frequently touched surfaces throughout the Front Desk and common areas. 
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the common areas.

Team Member Health

  • Team members will have their temperatures taken and answer health questionnaires prior to the beginning of each shift.  If there are positive readings, they are sent home immediately;
  • Priory Hospitality Group offers generous paid time off and up to 80 hours of paid sick leave for Covid-19 related sickness or symptoms, thus encouraging financially if they should be staying at home;
  • Team members are advised, and will be held accountable, to maintain social distance.  Among other things, start times will be staggered, break times will be staggered,
  • Team members will be permitted breaks on the hour to wash hands. 
  • Team members will be required to wear appropriate PPE while on duty. 

Modifications to Amenities

  • Breakfast:  Ourself serve enhanced continental breakfast buffet will be temporarily discontinued and replaced by single serving “grab and go” breakfast boxes.  Beverages will be available in single serving containers.  Coffee service will be provided by the Front Desk. 
  • Shuttle Service:  Shuttle service will be temporarily discontinued.  Packages which include transportation will be provided by Uber, with the Uber fare included in the package price. 
  • Monks Bar:  The Monks Bar at the Priory Hotel will be open daily with limited seating during normal hours (5 p.m. – 11 p.m.).  Guests may take drinks to the Priory courtyard. 
  • Fitness Center (Priory Hotel):  No more than two guests at a time may use the Priory Fitness Center.  Guests are urged to wear masks if possible and to maintain social distance.  Disinfecting wipes will be available to disinfect equipment after use, and guests are urged to do so. 
  • Complimentary Coffee Service:  Guests may obtain coffee which will be served by our front desk associates.