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Pittsburgh is known for its three rivers, and no one shows them off better than the Gateway Clipper fleet! This fleet of five riverboats, with their slowly revolving paddle wheels and towering smokestacks, hearkens back to the by-gone steamship era of Mark Twain. These boats are not just quaint – led by the 277 foot, 1000 passenger "Majestic," the Gateway Clipper boats offer many modern amenities and fine dining as they ply their way up and down Pittsburgh's rivers.

The Gateway Clipper boats dock at Station Square, Pittsburgh's dining, retail and entertainment center located on the shores of the Monongahela River.

Our Gateway Clipper Package enables you to that yourself to a uniquely Pittsburgh experience – a cruise on a one-of-a-kind riverboat and a luxurious night at the one and only Priory Hotel. You also receive, in your guest room, chilled champagne. Please note that access to all cruises are subject to availability of tickets. If you want to book a second or third night at a discount, just let our Front Desk associates know!

The Gateway Clipper package comes with three options:

Price based on package options.

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614 Pressley Street
Pittsburgh PA 15212-5616

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