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5.3 miles from the Priory Hotel

Stroll down East Carson Street in Pittsburgh and you'll be sure to spot the two kinds of 'blue hairs' that live in the South Side. Young punk rockers with their colorful, spiked hair walk beside older—make that much older—ladies whose night time 'roller derby' involves curlers and their own special shade of blue hair. Welcome to Pittsburgh's South Side. An eclectic, dynamic and fun place to live and visit.

The South Side neighborhood—and it is very much a neighborhood—draws a diverse mix of people. Young people. Professional people. Old timers. Empty nesters. Why? It's urban and hip, funky and feisty, ethnic and historic.

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Southside Attractions & Points of Interest:

Fat Head's South Side Saloon

614 Pressley Street
Pittsburgh PA 15212-5616

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